Pakistan not to differentiate between good courts and bad courts after Dawood calls himself a judge

Days after promising the world that Pakistan won’t differentiate between good terrorists and bad terrorists, the neighbouring country has decided not to differentiate in its courts too.

The legal move comes after India’s most-wanted Dawood Ibrahim’s recent telephonic conversation was leaked in which the underworld don declared he is himself a court and a judge too.

Pakistan’s top legal experts believe that this move could soon help plummet the rising number of cases in the country as Dawood can resolve conflicts with bullet speed, literally.

Also to please India, Pakistan asked Dawood to handle cases involving his own crimes in the neighbouring country.

Pakistan’s legal experts point out if India can appoint Arnab Goswami as its apex court, why shouldn’t it replicate the move too. In fact, they add, India and Pakistan can work together to fight terrorism by having joint court sessions, chaired by Dawood and Arnab.

Dawood’s growing underground business commitments may force him to fly abroad. Pakistan, apparently, is prepared for this eventuality. On such occasions, the country may request Hafiz Saeed to complete the pending legal cases. Saeed, however, may decline not to take up terror cases involving him, owing to conflict of interest.


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