Santa gifts Modi govt its own manifesto on Good Governance day!

Santa Claus has been known for his wit in mythology but the Bharatiya Janata Party got to taste a bit of Christmas humour on Thursday as he arrived at the Secretariat building in New Delhi. Unaware of the Christmas, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet was busy brainstorming on various issues in the cabinet room. Santa’s arrival stunned all as they could not figure out who the bearded, round man, clad in red was.

“Hello there. I am Santa. Merry Christmas everyone. Ho Ho Ho,” guffawed Santa. “I have been told a few wise people on this planet do not want to celebrate the Christmas. They told me they are sitting here celebrating ‘good governance day’. Are you those?”

When told by union minister Venkaiah Naidu that the government is discussing important issues and not to disturb it, Santa replied, “Don’t worry my son. I won’t stay for too long. I am here to help you over governance issues.”

He continued, “Since you gentlemen want to focus more on governance today, I thought I will gift you something that will be valuable to you.”

“What’s that?” enquired Naidu.

“Your own manifesto,” replied Santa. “I think after winning the elections, you must have forgotten about it or lost it somewhere. That could be the reason for so many grave errors on your part in the past six months.”

Santa pointed out various incidents like the tragedy at Chhattisgarh’s sterilisation camps, inability of the government to bring back the black money in 100 days after coming to power among many other things.

“And, of course there were many hate speeches by some of the MPs of your party. But I won’t blame you, son, for those. I think your intentions are good but you had long forgotten your own promises, well documented in this booklet, which will serve as a good reminder. Have it son. I think you have been perhaps searching for this, which will take care of all your problems! Keep it safe this time. Merry Christmas!” Santa exclaimed and left for his next destination.

The wise men in the room along with a white bearded man among them, sitting at the centre, were left puzzled.


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