Pakistan ready to send intruders as Obama leaves India

US President Barack Obama ended his India visit on Tuesday, paving the way for the postponed intrusion from Pakistan into India. Intruders from across the border had held their movement following a stern warning from the US ahead of Obama’s visit. According to reports, the intruders are now ready at the Line of Control and waiting for a green signal now that Obama’s plane took off.

The Pakistani army is ready too at the LoC and will provide covering fire to give intruders an easy access into India. Banned terrorist outfit Lashkar e Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed is also now back to business, busy planning his next attack on India, motivating militants and also readying his next vitriolic speech somewhere in Karachi.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, meanwhile, assured the country’s army that it can now chill as an attack on India is somewhere round the corner. The Pakistan army, reportedly, has been upset over the lull in terror activities done across the border, and was worried whether that may hurt the country’s image.

The Pakistani intelligence agency ISI – on a two day leave during Obama’s visit to India – too resumed its operations against India. Some of the lazy ISIS officials were found wanting on their return to the duty and were strongly reprimanded by the Pakistan government for showing neglect in the national duties. According to sources, incompetent ISI officials will be assigned less interesting tasks like terror activities in Afghanistan in case they don’t pull their act together.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry is also prepared with its official statement to be made following the attack on India which will read: “We strongly reject the allegations made by the Indian government. Pakistan has itself been a victim of terrorism…” The Pakistan government may ask its foreign minister to make minor tweaks to the statement as it should not sound repetitive and boring every time.


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