More Indians want to go to Mars as MSG’s box office collection nears Rs 100 cr

As the news of the box office collection of ‘MSG: the Messenger of God’ nearing Rs 100 crore surfaced, a sudden surge in the number of people applying to the Mars mission was seen in India. According to reports, all the people who applied for the space mission are movie buffs who could not stomach the box office collection of the Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan’s movie.

One applicant, Rajesh, said he earlier thought of leaving the planet when ‘Kick’ and ‘Happy New Year’ made all sorts of box office records but decided otherwise when the two movies were not even nominated for the prestigious Filmfare awards. “No recognition to such tacky movies by many top awards in the country restored my faith in this planet,” said Rajesh. But that faith was splintered into pieces when Rajesh’s species decided to give MSG a whopping box office collection in the early weeks after its release.

The organisers of the international space mission could not believe the sudden rise in interest among Indians to travel to the red planet. One of the organisers said that there was a common thread among all the Indian applicants. In the application form, they all mentioned the same reason to travel to Mars ‘loss of faith in humanity’.

Interestingly, there is only limit to the number of applicants to the unique mission to Mars. The Indian applicants were however seen pleading with the officials to accommodate them in the spacecraft. Some of them even begged to be sent to Jupiter if Mars was not feasible. The intensity of the scorching sun was more bearable than the MSG-related trending topics on Twitter, those applicants asserted.


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