Rahul Gandhi found, busy planning attack on govt over Budget 2016

The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who was conspicuous by his absence as the new Parliament session began, has been finally located.

The Gandhi scion was spotted at the vacant Congress headquarters in Delhi, busy planning a counter-strategy to the BJP government’s 2016 budget a few days ahead of the 2015 budget.

According to sources, the Congress leader, who likes to work ahead of time, was seen rehearsing a few speeches in a room, screaming at himself in a mirror. At times, he even balked at his own suggestions during the speech to complete the two sides of an argument.

The party sources say the Budget 2016 is just a minor step in Rahul’s grand plan. He is also working on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, and is chalking out plans to revive the Congress party across the country. Shadow-boxing, staring angrily at Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s picture and hitting arrows towards a dartboard that had Arvind Kejriwal’s picture printed on it were some of the strategies adopted by Rahul in his training session.

One method of anti-government protest that Rahul was seen very enthusiastic about was staging a walk-out. He carried out the activity again and again at an increasing pace each time until he could convince himself of being capable of staging a walk-out in a few seconds, not giving Parliamentary Affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu any chance of catching him while doing so.

When the day’s training schedule ended, the Congress vice-president took a nap at the party office itself. It remains unclear whether that was part of the Parliamentary training or not.


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