After the parrot’s arrest, migratory birds cancel India trip

In an amazing development, many migratory birds have decided against visiting India, ahead of the winter season.

This development took place after the recent news of a parrot being arrested in Maharashtra for allegedly ‘talking dirty’ to an elderly woman.

Shocked by the police arrest, many of the bird’s cousins from abroad held a meeting days before their scheduled flight to India. The birds in unison decided to avoid India in protest and visit some other countries with lenient laws.

“We cannot take a chance coming to India as suddenly the government there has started Implementing tougher laws,” said a flamingo. Earlier life used to be easy and we broke laws whenever and wherever desired. Now our acche din seems to be over”

The birds in their meeting also discussed other complaints related to India which among other things included Air India hitting them regularly in space like a duck hunt video game.

Some of the local birds who seemed to have developed friendship with their foreign friends said they will miss them sorely this winter. They feel India should be friendlier towards tourists and the philosophy ‘Athiti devo bhava’ should be extended towards all species.

A pale winter season looms large over the country with both the parliament and the nature not in a mood to function normally.


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