Revealed: Shah Rukh Khan was not detained, Dilwale DVDs from his baggage were confiscated!

Days after the US immigration officials completed a hat-trick of detaining Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan at American airports, the real reason behind airport authorities’ action is now revealed.

Apparently the officials were wary that the superstar was coming with a baggage full of DVDs of his latest flick, Dilwale to promote the movie again in the country.

The authorities had received intelligence inputs from their Indian counterparts about the strategic movie by Khan. They term the result a success of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s outreach to the US during his latest visit there. One agreement that was reached during his visit was sharing sensitive information between the intelligence agencies which would flag any possibility that is detrimental to the security and peace of a country.

Dilwale, the American authorities say, had already troubled many citizens earlier when it was released. Since then the movie and its makers have been on the ‘watch list’ of the immigration officials (no pun intended!).

Shah Rukh Khan alleged discrimination against his movie. “If Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Bodyguard can be tolerated in the US, why not Dilwale?” asked the frustrated superstar.

One of the immigration officials on condition of anonymity hinted there are indeed different yardsticks for different movie stars. “Even we love bhai,” said the official while recounting some of his favourite Salman movies which also included Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Hours later Shah Rukh was observed jumping dancing around in the VIP lounge. Many believed the actor was happy after catching some Pokemons as he claimed on Twitter.

But authorities claimed it was because he was allowed to carry Dilwale DVDs inside the country but on a condition that there would be warning stickers on them, saying “This movie may be harmful to your senses. Viewer’s discretion is required.

Shah Rukh gave a familiar reaction as he entered the USA finally,” Hamari filmo ki tarah, hamari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab kuch thik hi ho jaata hai … happy’s ending.”


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