PV Sindhu faints during marathon celebrations, says should have practised for grand welcome too

India’s Olympic hero PV Sindhu who returned home after the just-concluded Rio Games left everyone shocked as she fainted on top of the bus during a victory parade in Hyderabad.

Sindhu who recovered minutes later said the unexpected marathon celebrations during the grand welcome given to her left her unconscious.

“I normally prepare well for any event but never expected this. I thought after winning a medal in the Olympics, the response at home as usual would be worth two paise. But this welcome is sensational and tiring!” exclaimed Sindhu.

The ace badminton player admitted if she was made aware of the marathon celebrations in advance, she would have practised for that too.

“After all, it’s badminton in India we’re talking about. Not cricket, wherein any success is deemed fit for extravagant celebrations.” She added.

It was not just the royal treatment that puzzled Sindhu but also the sight of ocean of humanity that turned out to greet her.

“Hey you, sir. Why are you here?” the curious Olympic silver medallist asked a bystander in public.

“What’s your problem, lady? We’re here to cheer PV Sindhu,” the man replied to Sindhu.

The local MP who arranged the reception for Sindhu protested when asked if the arrangements were over-the-top.

“See, first of all we didn’t know what Olympics is. Leave Olympics, we didn’t even know who Sindhu is. Yet, we arranged a grand welcome in such a short span of time. You should appreciate it,” the MP told our reporter.

Sindhu was later scheduled to play a mock badminton match with Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, staged during an event to felicitate her.

The badminton star said she was so weary by now that she would use this opportunity to beat the shit out of Naidu in the match to entertain herself.

Since her Olympic feat, the two states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been vying to appropriate Sindhu as their own.

The Olympic star though had a simple answer to the question whom did she belong to. “Whoever leaves me alone right now,” said a visibly jaded Sindhu.


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