BJP to invite Kejriwal for all family weddings

Frustrated by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations over the marriage funding of a BJP MP’s son’s wedding, the party has unanimously decided to invite the AAP leader to all their family weddings.

“To put all present and future allegations by Mr. Kejriwal to rest, the BJP has collectively decided to invite him for all the weddings in their families that may happen in future,” a BJP spokesperson said in a press conference. “That way, he can personally inspect the expenses of our weddings than make baseless allegations in retrospect.”

Kejriwal, according to reports, has so far received at least a dozen invitations to weddings in various BJP leaders’ families.

The AAP leader has not confirmed if he will attend all the BJP nuptials. But he did offer one comment. “Instead of printing new currency notes, the BJP is keen only in printing their wedding cards. Whose money are they using in doing so? The CBI must probe each and every card the BJP prints.”

Sources close to the AAP revealed Kejriwal will surely attend the weddings of top BJP leaders’ kin.

“Arvind plans not to attend their weddings but instead raid them,” said an AAP leader on a condition of anonymity. “He will be well equipped with a hidden spy cam and a voice recorder. It will be like sting operations that we encourage people to do.”

The BJP too meanwhile plans to be well prepared for Kejriwal. Each counter in the wedding – buffet, drinks, desserts – would be guarded by cops. The moment Kejriwal breaks into protest of any kind, he will be immediately arrested, said a source close to the BJP.

Kejriwal didn’t confirm which wedding he intends to attend first as according to the AAP source he is right now busy probing each expensive-looking wedding invitation card that he has received. He intends to calculate the total cost of printing them. And also the source of their funding.


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