People in cities other than Delhi spray Fog deo all over to get media attention

Desperate to get media attention over the rising pollution levels in their cities, citizens in urban areas like Patna, Gwalior Allahabad and Raipur are spraying Fog deo all over in hope that someone will pay close attention to their woes as well.

“We have been watching a non-stop coverage of the unprecedented pollution levels in the national capital for a few weeks now. But meanwhile, we realised we don’t live in Delhi and our cities are polluted too,” said a Patna citizen coughing but not giving up before completing the sentence.

A person who regularly travels to Gwalior was not optimistic that spraying deodorant all over the city will get the media attention. But he saw a silver lining in the artificial cloud. “I hate visiting Gwalior because my in-laws stay there. But the Fog deo now sprayed all over gives the city a new odour and I like it. There you go, finally, a good reason for me to visit my wife’s city.”

The people of Allahabad too have been shocked as the ‘city of prime ministers’ has been neglected by the media when it comes to air pollution. “The only time our city and the state get an eyeball is when there is infighting in the family party that rules us. When will the media realise that the pollution in UP too is going UP?”

A dejected Raipur citizen said one day he hopes his city too is placed on the pollution map of the country. “One day, I wish to see a special broadcast on prime-time news shows on the pollution levels in my city.”

When asked what else was happening in the city apart from air contamination, the person replied, “Bas, Fog hi chal raha hai. (Duh! The Fog is in the air.)”